Supply Chain & Procurement

At Frontiers Energy, we deploy best in class supply chain practices to IOCs/NOCs by offering new technologies; improve best practices strategies for streamlining processes, increasing efficiency and sustainability, and achieving business value by implementing some of these practical measures listed below:

  • Supply chain market intelligence
  • Materials/supplier relationship management
  • Supply chain talent and technology

Our supply chain and procurement specialists present in-depth case studies to our clients by:

  • Utilizing block-chain technology
  • Maintain and plan sustainable cost structures
  • We will consolidate resources and create synergies with internal and external partners
  • Utilize the Internet of Things (IoT) to help optimize and streamline processes
  • Continued to redesign the workforce skill-sets and retention strategies to meet our client’s business objectives
  • We partner with manufacturers, producers to market and sell their products, services, or technologies internationally.
  • This is done through a co-branding relationship
  • Our customers will enjoy competitive pricing, availability, worldwide shipping and personalized services tailored to their individual needs